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Established Member

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Your Established Membership offers full access to a community of creative entrepreneurs, and a mindful workspace, and abundant amenities to infuse your work with radical levels of clarity, workability and value. 

Established Membership offers daily access to a mindful workspace (8AM-10PM) where you get to concentrate on your passion. Your membership also enables you to collaborate with other dedicated creative professionals, such that your ideas grow and become fruitful. Additionally, your membership provides perks related to studio rental, food and beverage amenities, and complementary workshops and business incubators to infuse your creative and business projects.

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs & small business owners, freelancers, artists & writers, yoga & meditation teachers, and individuals seeking the inspiration and motivation a community of fellow creators brings.

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Your Ground Down Membership provides you the opportunity to step out of your typical work environment and tap SHED HTX as a co-working space 1-to-2 Days Per Week.

Our Ground Down Membership is your opportunity to tap into our mindful co-working space 1-to-2 days per week. This membership option is perfect for professionals and creatives with semi-flexible work schedules looking to re-energize and refocus. In addition to full access to our various spaces, this membership gives you access to a host of amenities, such as complimentary coffee, internet, printing services, and office supplies.  

Ideal For: Working professionals and creatives with flex days, side-gig entrepreneurs, remote workers, free lancers, small business owners, and artists.   


Starting at $75/Hour 

SHED HTX offers an organic space for your next pop-up yoga event, writing workshop, woodworking class, play,  or private concert.

SHED HTX Studio Rental is the ideal option for hosting your next work retreat, meditation or yoga event, writing workshop, woodworking class, performance, or private concert. Our picturesque urban retreat seamlessly transforms to provide your guests an extraordinary experience.

Ideal For: Private workshops, corporate retreats, yoga & meditation trainings, farm-to-table dinners, private concerts, and out-of-town guests hosting local seminars.