Our vision is to change the way we live and create our daily work.


Houston's mindful co-working community for creatives


SHED HTX is more than your ordinary workspace – it's an organic community with services and amenities that support you doing your best work. Our member-focused community focuses on growing & farming relationships to amplify and inspire our collective daily work.


Mindful Workspace

Indoor & outdoor workspaces

Our indoor & outdoor workspaces encourage a natural balance that allows you to focus and to connect with fellow creators and entrepreneurs to inspire fresh ideas. We are committed to invigorating your workday by creating a calming oasis that includes fast WiFi service, complimentary coffee & tea, healthy snacks, and grounding decor.

Studio Space


Our studio encourages movement, dance, yoga, and expression of all kinds (for teams of 1-30+). We are committed to supporting you getting on your mat and breathing between intensely focused work sessions. We are further committed to supporting you as you create, launch and host your own unique events and performances inside the studio.       

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Meditation Space

the meditation loft & GARDEN

Our meditation areas are perfect spaces to center and ground you in your imagination, dreams and ideas. We are committed to empowering you with the community and space necessary for tapping into the power of meditation and reflection. Whether enjoying a walking meditation with a cup of tea in the garden, or a silent meditation in our cozy loft, we are committed that you experience rest, ease and renewal through your workday.   


Workshop Space

woodworking & Creation station

Our workshop is an additional, rental-based feature of SHED HTX. The essence of the SHED movement was brought forth by our co-founder, Wayne Arrants, acquiring and reusing raw materials to literally create the space. With that spirit, we are committed to providing members and guests access to replicate the creation process, and to be fully expressed to create products and projects that matter. Contact Management for further details.

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Creativity, Community, Clarity, Ease, & Value

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Berkeley ARrants, Wayne Arrants, cristina houston, & dan Houston

SHED HTX is the product of Wayne and Berkeley Arrants’ efforts to transform a humble automotive repair shop into an organic, multipurpose workspace. In the summer of 2017, Wayne and Berkeley partnered with Dan & Cristina Houston, owners and operators of a nonprofit business, In-Powered, and a yoga-inspired business, Mind Tribes, to launch a broader vision.